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Webinar – Forcepoint: Network Security

Webinar – Forcepoint: Network Security

The recent increase in serious network security breaches is proof that cyber criminals are developing new and effective ways to execute targeted and advanced attacks.

As cybercriminals become more aggressive and creative in their mission to gain access to protected networks, many are turning to advanced evasion techniques. Evasions help camouflage exploits and malware attacks, leaving enterprise networks wide open to cybercriminals anywhere on the Internet.

Forcepoint intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and next-generation firewalls (NGFW) detect well-known and documented evasion techniques and provide what NSS Labs has measured to be the most effective line of defense against evasion techniques. Forcepoint’s dedicated R&D team is continuously testing and discovering new evasion techniques and building immediate protection against them.

To find out more join our technical director, David King and Forcepoint on this session to learn more about how you can protect your enterprise’s data centres, edges, branches, cloud networks and the people that use them with the world’s best network security while saving valuable time and resources.

Date: Wednesday 18th April 2018

Time: 10:00am GMT (45 minutes)



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