Forcepoint Platinum Partner


Secon has been a Forcepoint partner since 1999. Today, we’re one of the UK’s largest and most experienced Forcepoint partners.

We’re a Forcepoint Platinum Partner and we deliver real value to our clients. Our team of experienced engineers will ensure your security estate is maintained and monitored according to cyber security best practice so you get the most out of your Forcepoint technologies.

Our Forcepoint Managed Services

Our services include:


Technology consultancy

We offer a Security Product Operability Test (SPOT) to help you assess whether your Forcepoint technologies are delivering value by checking whether they’ve been installed and configured correctly. More importantly, we determine whether your Forcepoint investment is providing the required, and intended, level of protection for your environment.

Product support

Our product support provides you with access to our team of experts who you can call the moment a problem or technical issue arises with one of your Forcepoint tools. We help you stay protected, meet compliance requirements, and maintain security best practice.

Product maintenance

We continuously install, configure, patch, and upgrade your Forcepoint technologies in line with your maintenance cycle and business requirements. With our product maintenance, you’ll be confident you’re fully maximising your Forcepoint investments without impacting your users’ productivity.

Security monitoring

Don’t miss early indications of compromise in your security environment. Using our ConnectProtect® platform, we monitor your Forcepoint logs 24×7 and generate alerts to notify you of any genuine security incidents we spot.

Detection and response

Using our ConnectProtect® platform, your Forcepoint logs are ingested and monitored 24x7x365. Should an incident be identified, our security operations team quickly responds, thereby giving you confidence in the knowledge that Secon is continuously protecting your security estate.

Our Forcepoint Accreditations

By working with a Forcepoint Platinum Partner, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re working with an accredited team of engineers. Our security engineers have extensive experience in the security industry, including designing, implementing and supporting Forcepoint products.

Across our team, our accreditations include:

  • Forcepoint Partner NGFW Pre-Sales Engineer Level 1
  • Forcepoint Partner NGFW Services Professional
  • Forcepoint – WebSense WSGA 7.7