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Managed Security Services consultants

Looking after cyber security is a vital part of ensuring the health of your organisation. Doing so needs the skills, tools, and necessary round the clock capacity to deal with the ongoing demands.

Keeping up with rapidly changing technologies, policies, and legislation isn’t always easy. That’s why we built services that are designed to help organisations manage their cyber security needs in a cost-effective and reliable manner, without the burden of maintaining it all themselves.

For over two decades our managed security services consultants have helped our customers achieve cyber security maturity. This experience has helped us create services that are completely designed around your organisation, not just a generic service you need to work around.

How we do it

Our Managed Security Services focus on three core areas that we believe are vital in the pursuit of cyber security maturity: Protect, Detect and Recover.


Our managed security services consultants ensure you have the appropriate cyber defence solutions in place and maintain them to perform optimally.

These include solutions like antivirus and disk encryption to protect your devices. Like with any technology solution, these need to be continually updated or patched to ensure they’re not only detecting the latest threats but are also free of bugs. This is vital.

Our services focus on helping you both implement and consistently maintain your cyber security solutions.


We identify genuine threats in your environment and quickly respond with the appropriate measures to either prevent or deal with a cyber incident.

By collecting security logs from your technology assets (such as firewalls, routers, endpoints, and servers) and analysing them using artificial intelligence, we can rapidly detect potential threats, helping to prevent or limit the impact of any breach/attack.


In this vital final step, we ensure you have the necessary measures in place to recover from a cyber attack.

In the world of cyber security, it’s not about if, but more about when. A proper recovery plan should be part of your overall cyber security strategy. This is more than just having a backup of your data; it covers everything from identifying what the breach was to ensuring your entire infrastructure (or at least it’s critical components) can be recovered fully and quickly.

Why Secon?

Benefits of working with us

Managed Security Services consultants


We offer lower costs than our competitors with the option to have fixed or capped charging. This way you can stay within your budget.

24/7 monitoring

You’ll have access to our 24/7 security operations centre (SOC) who will respond to any potential threats 365 days a year.

Experienced team

You’ll received improved quality and reliability from our team of dedicated security experts who use tried and tested process and tools.

Cyber security maturity

We understand what it takes to achieve cyber security best practice. With our help, you can accelerate the journey to cyber security maturity.

Reduced chance of attack

Our advanced threat detection and response helps reduce your chances of being impacted a cyber attack. In the event of an attack, we can help you recover quickly.

Achieve compliance

We help you meet your compliance and regulatory requirements, including the minimum standards stipulated by cyber insurance providers, customers, and suppliers.