Secon Cyber Security is a company specialising in mitigating and eliminating cyberthreats in corporate environments by offering an integrated approach to security services and technology.

About Us

We exist to serve our customers with solutions that dramatically increase their chance of protecting themselves from cyber and malware attacks.

Companies of all sizes protect themselves by utilising our technical skills and our relationships with vendors. Other services we provide such as our Malware Alert Service and Outbreak Clean Up Service means we can offer businesses a higher level of protection.

Secon Cyber Security offer clients a full spectrum of services including:

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Monitoring
  • User Education

Our History

In 1999 we set up Secon Cyber Security to protect our clients from the threats posed by the internet as they opened up their businesses to the world wide web.

It is satisfying to know that since those humble days, we continue to help our clients build and implement a robust cybersecurity strategy.

Our Values

Commitment to clients. This commitment allows us to develop a customer-centric culture based on communication, honesty, responsibility and transparency across the lifecycle of securing your organisation.

Commitment to innovation and R&D. As the landscape continues to evolve, we continue to research and develop new technologies and partnerships. We continue to manage our business around the evolving needs of our clients and the evolving threats posed.

Commitment to best practices. At the heart of best practice is the notion that we are interested in being ‘the best’ and that we value the development that this entails. It is a commitment to continuous improvement not only of our own people, processes and technologies but also extending that to our client’s security posture.

Our Mission

Secon Cyber Security’s mission is to be a relevant and trusted extension of your IT team, ensuring your information, people, revenue and reputation are protected from cyberthreats.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where people can live and work without fear of being affected by malware or cyberattacks.

In The Community

We have a fundamental belief that our business should contribute to the development and improvement of society. To that end we work closely with one of the Prince’s charities, Business In The Community, where we work closely with Paddington Academy, based in London, providing cybersecurity and entrepreneurship workshops as well as offering work experience placements to year 10 and 11 students.

We also have a close working relationship with University College London, working with their Innovation & Enterprise team, delivering training on various disciplines.

“The great benefit of working with Secon Cyber Security is their ability to deliver a total protection service tailored to our business needs. Every day they evolve their service as they learn more about how we do things.”

Mark Woodyatt

Head of IS Operations, Central England Co-operative