Firewalls serve as the first line of defence in protecting your network from a range of cyber threats, including unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Given their importance, managing them can be complex and resource intensive. Our managed firewall services are designed to offload this burden, providing robust, cloud-based solutions that not only protect your digital assets but also optimise your security operations for the cloud era. This approach ensures your firewalls are not only effective but also evolve with the changing threat landscape.

Why Choose Secon for Firewall Managed Services?

Advanced Security with FWaaS

Our managed firewalls leverage the latest security technologies and threat intelligence, providing enhanced protection over traditional on-premises solutions. With continuous updates in the cloud, our firewalls are equipped to handle emerging threats, ensuring robust, up-to-date defences.

Reduced Operational Costs

Transition from significant upfront investments in firewall hardware to a cost-efficient, cloud-based Firewall as a Service (FWaaS). This operational expenditure model is based on usage, making scalability and adaptation more manageable without large initial costs.

Streamlined Compliance and Deployment

We simplify compliance with various regulatory standards by managing complex security requirements for you. Additionally, FWaaS deployment is quick and seamless, enabling rapid scalability and integration without the complexities typically associated with traditional firewalls.

Our Firewall Managed Services Process

  1. Assessment and Configuration: Starting with a thorough assessment of your existing network setup and security posture, we identify vulnerabilities and areas for enhancement.
  2. Customised Firewall Implementation: We deploy firewall solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your business requirements and security goals.
  3. Ongoing Management and Optimisation: Post-deployment, our team continues to manage and optimise your firewall settings, ensuring they are effective against evolving threats.
  4. Regular Updates and Compliance Checks: We conduct regular updates and compliance checks to ensure that your firewall infrastructure remains compliant with the latest security standards and regulations.

Secure Your Network with Secon.

Opt for Secon’s Firewall Managed Services to secure your network with cutting-edge security technologies managed by cyber security experts. Our solutions offer robust defence against cyber threats and a strategic edge in managing and scaling your security operations efficiently.

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