Azure Security Set Up and Configuration

At Secon, we offer a comprehensive Azure Security Setup and Configuration Service tailored to protect your cloud assets within the UK and ensure your Azure environment is robust against cyber threats. By adhering to Microsoft’s best practices, our service provides a structured approach to effectively and efficiently securing your Azure resources.

Why Choose Secon for Azure Security Setup?

Advanced Security Measures

We implement essential security controls including firewalling, intrusion detection, and vulnerability management, along with advanced threat protection mechanisms such as Azure Defender and Web Application Firewall. These tools provide a solid defence mechanism, enhancing your security posture in the cloud environment.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

We utilise Azure’s native IAM service, Microsoft Entra ID, to enforce role-based access control (RBAC) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), ensuring that access to resources is tightly controlled and secure against unauthorised use.

Strategic Security Configuration

We follow a methodical approach based on Microsoft’s Azure security checklist that includes configuring network security groups, applying Just-In-Time access, and setting up end-to-end monitoring to prevent, detect, and respond to threats effectively.

Our Azure Security Setup Process

  1. Initial Assessment and Planning: We evaluate your current Azure setup and security posture to identify key areas of improvement and align them with best practices.
  2. Implementation of Security Controls: We deploy state-of-the-art security tools and configurations, focusing on network segmentation, threat protection, and identity management.
  3. Data Protection Strategies: We implement robust encryption practices for data at rest and in transit, along with proactive threat detection mechanisms.
  4. Ongoing Management and Optimisation: We provide continuous monitoring and regular updates to adapt to new threats and changes in the Azure platform, ensuring your configurations remain optimal over time.

Ready to Secure Your Azure Deployment?

Opt for Secon’s Azure Security Setup and Configuration Service to enhance the security of your Azure environment. Our expert team is ready to help you implement a comprehensive security strategy that not only protects your digital assets but also complies with industry standards.

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