Virtual WAN

Discover the power of Azure Virtual WAN with Secon, where cutting-edge technology meets expert service to enhance and secure your network infrastructure. Our Virtual WAN services leverage Azure’s vast capabilities to simplify your network management, ensuring seamless connectivity and robust security across your enterprise.

Key features of our Virtual WAN Service

Enhanced Connectivity

Azure Virtual WAN facilitates smooth integration across your network, providing site-to-site connectivity through a secure hub that centralizes traffic. This simplifies management while improving the performance and reliability of your connections.

Advanced Security Options

We integrate top security solutions, such as Palo Alto Networks Cloud NGFW, within your Virtual WAN setup, delivering strong security features that ensure comprehensive traffic inspection and threat protection across your network.

Simplified Network Architecture

Utilising Azure’s global infrastructure, Virtual WAN offers a streamlined approach to network management. It eliminates the need for complex routing setups and multiple VPNs, replacing them with a unified architecture that’s simpler to manage and scale.

Support for Various Connection Types

Virtual WAN supports a range of connectivity options including site-to-site VPN, user VPN (point-to-site), and ExpressRoute connections, offering flexibility in how you connect and expand your network resources.

Streamline Your Network Operations with Virtual WAN, Delivered by Secon.

Explore how Secon can transform your network with Azure Virtual WAN and help you achieve a more secure, reliable, and scalable network infrastructure. Our team is ready to assist you in harnessing the full potential of Virtual WAN to drive your business forward.

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