Camden Council and Hoxhunt: Engaged Employees Reducing Cyber Risk Through Behavioural Change

Humans remain the primary source of cyber security risk, responsible for 82% of data breaches. Traditional security awareness training often falls short as threat actors evolve their tactics. At Secon, we partner with Hoxhunt, a Human Risk Management Platform, to address this issue. Hoxhunt leverages AI, behavioural science, and advanced automation to foster cultural change and reduce risk. By enhancing employees’ abilities to detect and report phishing emails, Hoxhunt enables Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams to focus on preventing critical threats.

Camden Council, with around 5,000 employees serving the borough, faced challenges with traditional security awareness programmes due to low engagement and lack of impact. Hoxhunt transformed Camden Council’s approach by creating a security-aware culture where employees are vigilant and proactive in cyber security.

Hoxhunt’s Impact on Cyber Security Behaviour.

According to their Phishing & Cyber Behaviour Trends, Hoxhunt’s approach significantly improves security behaviours across organisations. Here are key insights:

  • Phishing Attacks Increase: In 2023, phishing attacks surged by 1265%, highlighting the importance of advanced training methods.
  • Behavioural Change: Hoxhunt’s training reduced failure rates to below 2% over time, showcasing the effectiveness of continuous, gamified training.
  • Real Threat Detection: The platform emphasises real threat detection, with 2/3 of users reporting actual phishing threats within the first year.

Hoxhunt’s adaptive learning model personalises training, turning employees into vigilant security champions who can quickly identify and report threats, thereby enhancing overall organisational security.


Camden Council’s experience with Hoxhunt underscores the importance of engaging, behaviour-focused security training. By creating a culture of security awareness, Camden Council has significantly reduced its cyber risk, empowering its employees to be the first line of defence.

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