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Robust cyber security measures are crucial for safeguarding your organisation’s digital assets from a variety of sophisticated cyber threats. These threats include ransomware, phishing, DDoS attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities that can disrupt operations, steal sensitive information, and cause significant financial damage. Akamai offers a broad range of solutions specifically designed to protect your applications, networks, and data from these advanced threats. By leveraging Akamai’s state-of-the-art technologies, organisations can ensure comprehensive security, enhance performance, and achieve scalable protection that adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape.

Protect The Applications That Drive Your Business

Akamai provides an extensive suite of products that cover all aspects of cybersecurity, including web application and API protection, zero trust network access, DNS security, bot management, and more. Their solutions deliver high performance, seamless integration, and advanced threat detection to protect your critical assets.

  • Web Application and API Protection: Akamai’s App & API Protector offers comprehensive security for websites, applications, and APIs, including DDoS protection and bot mitigation. It dynamically adapts to evolving threats and automates security updates, ensuring robust defence with minimal effort.
  • Zero Trust Network Access: Akamai’s Zero Trust solutions provide secure, identity-based access to applications, reducing the risk of lateral movement within your network. This approach ensures that users only access the applications they need, based on their identity and context​.
  • DNS Security: The Secure Internet Access Enterprise solution protects users and devices by blocking malicious DNS requests, including malware and phishing. It simplifies security management by eliminating the need for on-premises appliances and providing centralised control.
  • Bot Management: Akamai Bot Manager effectively detects and mitigates malicious bot traffic while managing good bots, enhancing user experience and protecting your applications from bot-driven attacks​.
  • Cloud App Security: Akamai’s cloud security solutions ensure the protection of cloud applications with real-time threat detection and mitigation, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance​.
  • Brand Protection: Protects against brand abuse and online impersonation, ensuring the integrity of your brand by detecting and mitigating phishing attacks and counterfeit websites​

Akamai Features:

  • Smart Technology: Egress uses machine learning to monitor and control email flow, ensuring sensitive information is only accessible to verified recipients. This technology alerts users in real-time of potential misdirection or unauthorized attempts to access data.
  • Robust Compliance and Control: The solution offers full visibility over email interactions, empowering organisations to maintain compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA through detailed tracking and secure data handling.
  • User-Centric Design: Recognising the importance of usability, Egress integrates directly into platforms like Microsoft Outlook, streamlining processes without disrupting the user experience.

Explore Advanced Cybersecurity with Secon and Akamai

In an era where sophisticated cyber threats are constantly emerging, it’s essential to have a robust cyber security strategy. Get in touch with the team to explore how Akamai’s advanced technologies can fortify your critical assets and enhance your overall security posture.

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