Discover and Manage Your Digital Assets with Armis Centrix, Powered on by Secon.

Comprehensive asset discovery and management are crucial for safeguarding and optimising your network. Armis Centrix provides a solution, delivering visibility and enhanced control over your entire attack surface.

Armis Centrix provides a comprehensive solution for asset discovery and management, designed to support complex IT environments. With a focus on technical excellence, Armis Centrix delivers:

  • Full Asset Visibility: Instantly identify and classify all assets across IT, OT, IoT, and IoMT environments with Armis Centrix’s continuous monitoring, ensuring comprehensive management of every network component.
  • Robust Network Segmentation: Simplify and expedite the implementation of network segmentation policies to protect critical systems and confine potential threats, significantly enhancing your security framework.
  • Dynamic Risk Management: Utilise AI-driven analytics from Armis to assess and prioritise risks effectively. This advanced capability adapts to new threats with evolving response strategies, keeping your network one step ahead of cyber risks.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Management: Streamline your compliance reporting processes with out-of-the-box recommendations and dashboards, reducing the time and resources required to meet stringent regulatory requirements

Armis Features:

  • AI-driven Asset Intelligence Engine: The core of Armis Centrix is its sophisticated Asset Intelligence Engine, which provides deep insights into asset behaviours and vulnerabilities, facilitating a proactive security stance.
  • Automated Threat Detection and Response: Leverage signature-based detection and anomaly alerts for rapid threat identification and response, ensuring your network’s integrity against complex cyber threats.
  • Integrated Risk and Compliance Management: From generating risk scores based on multiple factors like unpatched vulnerabilities and network anomalies to automated compliance reporting, Armis Centrix covers all aspects of security management.

Elevate Your Security with Precise Asset Management

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