Enhance Your Security Landscape with Delinea, Powered on by Secon.

In the rapidly evolving digital world, complex environments and numerous identities demand sophisticated solutions. Delinea offers Privileged Access Management (PAM) tailored for modern, hybrid enterprises. Delinea simplifies privileged access, integrating smoothly into your infrastructure.

Transform Your Approach to Privileged Access Management

Delinea tackles the crucial issue of managing privileged access within your organisation’s increasingly complex IT landscapes. Utilising cloud-based technologies, it delivers a comprehensive set of tools designed to securely control access to hybrid cloud infrastructures and sensitive data. Delinea’s approach streamlines access management, maintaining robust security while reducing administrative overhead, thereby strengthening your organisation’s cyber security defences against potential breaches and insider threats.

Delinea’s capabilities focus on enhancing security measures within complex IT frameworks.

  • Threat Detection and Response: Advanced behaviour analytics track privileged account activities to swiftly identify and address potential threats.
  • Secure Remote Access: Provides controlled access solutions for employees and third parties, maintaining security compliance and detailed activity monitoring.
  • Access and Identity Management: Manages and secures user identities and credentials across various platforms and environments.

Delinea Features:

  • Secret Server: Manages, stores, and audits access to critical systems and sensitive data, bolstering data security.
  • Connection Manager: Simplifies the management of remote sessions, centralising control and enhancing security oversight.
  • Privileged Access Platform: Extends privileged access management to accommodate just-in-time access and adaptive control settings to meet different security needs.

Revamp Your Privileged Access Security

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