Protect Your Communications with Egress, Powered on by Secon.

In today’s interconnected digital environment, email security is not just about protection—it’s about smart protection. Egress, supported by Secon’s expertise, offers intelligent solutions tailored to combat sophisticated threats and prevent common user errors that lead to data breaches.

Advanced Email Security, Simplified

Secon, with over 25 years in cyber security, understands the evolving challenges faced by organisations. Egress complements this by addressing critical email security concerns:

  • Preventing Misdirected Emails: Automated checks to ensure emails and attachments go to the intended recipients, reducing the risk of accidental data leaks.
  • Combating Data Exfiltration: Tools to detect and block attempts to move sensitive information to unauthorised personal accounts.
  • Shielding Against Phishing: Cutting-edge defences against sophisticated phishing attacks, including those arising from supply chain compromises and payload-less strategies.

Egress Features:

  • Smart Technology: Egress uses machine learning to monitor and control email flow, ensuring sensitive information is only accessible to verified recipients. This technology alerts users in real-time of potential misdirection or unauthorized attempts to access data.
  • Robust Compliance and Control: The solution offers full visibility over email interactions, empowering organisations to maintain compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA through detailed tracking and secure data handling.
  • User-Centric Design: Recognising the importance of usability, Egress integrates directly into platforms like Microsoft Outlook, streamlining processes without disrupting the user experience.

Transform Your Email Security

Discover the difference Egress can make for your organisation. Contact Secon today to see how Egress can tailor-fit your specific security needs.

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