Secure Your Digital Assets with Tenable Exposure Management Solutions, Powered on by Secon.

In a landscape where cyber threats are continuously evolving, effective exposure management is crucial for any organisation looking to safeguard its digital assets. Tenable provides comprehensive visibility into your security posture, enabling you to identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers. This proactive approach not only enhances your cyber defences but also aligns with modern security best practices.

Advanced Email Security, Simplified

Tenable delivers a robust platform that spans across vulnerability management, cloud security, and compliance, ensuring that all aspects of your organisation’s exposure are managed effectively. By consolidating various security functions into a single platform, Tenable simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple security products, offering a unified solution that improves overall efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Management: Provides detailed assessments and real-time threat intelligence to prevent breaches and enhance security responsiveness.
  • Cloud and Compliance Oversight: Features tools for cloud configuration audits and compliance tracking to ensure adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Enhanced Asset Management: Offers visibility and control over both on-premise and cloud-based assets, including sensitive data identification.
  • Active Directory and Network Monitoring: Monitors critical infrastructure elements like Active Directory for anomalies, ensuring robust network security.

Tenable Features:

  • Automated Vulnerability Scanning: Automates the process of scanning for vulnerabilities across networks, servers, and applications to quickly identify potential security risks.
  • Continuous Network Monitoring: Maintains constant vigilance over the network, providing ongoing assessments and immediate alerts on new threats or anomalies.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Reporting: Generates detailed reports that help organisations track their compliance with industry regulations and standards effectively.

Advance Your Exposure Management Strategy

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