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Corporate Email Security Technology

Email is still one of the main critical applications used by organisations to communicate and share data with customers, partners, and suppliers. The downside of email in our current threat landscape is it’s often used as a doorway for cyber criminals to deliver threats or trick your employees.

Without a holistic approach to corporate email security technology, you can’t be confident that your communications are protected. Secon can help you gain a deeper understanding of which solutions are right for your organisation and provide you with protection against evolving threats, including ransomware and phishing attacks.

How we do it

We take the time to understand how you currently protect your organisation from inbound email threats such as malware, spam, phishing, and spoofing. With this knowledge, we suggest how to ensure your sensitive data is not leaked accidentally or intentionally over email. 

We make sure only authorised users have access to your organisation’s mailboxes. We help you put precautions such as DMARC in place to stop unauthorised third parties from spoofing your domain over email.

Next, we can help with user awareness to ensure your staff doesn’t interact with any threats that evade your protection layers since there is no such thing as 100% security.

Finally, we help you set up relevant alerts for when things deviate away from expected behaviour. Our team of email security technology experts can also monitor your environment 24/7 to respond the moment something doesn’t look right.

Why Secon

Benefits of working with us

Corporate Email Security Technology

Holistic approach to email

We help you take a holistic approach to email security to protect your brand, your inboxes, and your data. We also help you understand how email-borne threats can lead to ransomware attacks, unauthorised access to data, and disruption of business-critical applications. 

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Extensive experience

We’ve already implemented the proven techniques, tooling, processes, and procedures required to ensure ongoing email security for hundreds of organisations. Our Security Advisors understand and deliver the right solutions to effectively secure your email communications.   

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Understanding of latest threats

Secon has helped organisations secure their email since 2001. In that time the threats, tactics, and procedures used by cyber criminals have evolved. We’ve constantly been at the forefront of the latest techniques and approaches to counter these threats.   

Complete email security service

We help you protect your business from inbound email threats and secure both your internal and third-party email communications. We also can protect your brand’s reputation by preventing domain spoofing and impersonation.

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Easy to understand

Whilst trying to secure your email, you’ll encounter a series of acronyms and buzzwords. Our security experts can help you navigate the complex lists of anagrams such as BEC, TLS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and focus on what actually needs to be done to make sure you can rely on secure email communications.  

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Save time and money

We work with proven email security technologies to save you from navigating the noise to find out what’s best for you across the thousands of tools on the market.