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Endpoint security management

The world is changing. As more organisations embrace remote working following the pandemic, your endpoint devices are the new perimeter and a vulnerable target for cyber criminals.

The traditional endpoint landscape has evolved from Windows PCs into a mix of devices including Macs, mobile devices, and tablets, all providing a gateway into your environment and data. It’s more important than ever to ensure all your endpoints are secure and protected. Ransomware continues to plague organisations, causing an impact to operations and financial pain for the unprepared. Just relying on technology is not enough to reduce the current level of risk.

Secon can help address the risk introduced by your endpoints to give you confidence and peace of mind, no matter where you are.

How we do it

We take the time to understand the current risks introduced by your endpoint devices. Are all the endpoints accessing your environment adequately protected against the latest threats? Are they all secured against vulnerability exploits? Are you only allowing safe and trusted applications to execute on your devices?

We then help you ensure the data on your endpoints is not leaked accidentally. We secure your data and environment by only granting access to authorised users who are using sanctioned, protected endpoints. 

Next, we help you with user awareness to ensure your employees do not interact with any threats that evade your protection layers since there is no such thing as 100% security.

Finally, we set up relevant alerts for when things deviate away from expected behaviour so you can immediately take action. Our team of security experts can also monitor and respond to anything that doesn’t look right in your environment 24/7 to prevent ransomware outbreaks or data loss.

Why Secon?

Benefits of working with us

Secure endpoint consultants
Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Holistic approach

We help you take a holistic approach to endpoint security. Effective protection goes beyond endpoint antivirus or security solutions. You can leverage our experience to make sure your endpoint security investments deliver value. We work closely with our customers to ensure their endpoints are secure with next generation protection and are set up in line with best practice to reduce their attack surface. 

Complete protection

Endpoint security is not just about the security products in place. Our 20 years’ experience has seen that in most endpoint compromises, the attack could have been prevented with existing investments. We recognise the importance of implementing best practice to be able to defend yourself in the current threat landscape.

Work from anywhere

In today’s digital landscape, your endpoint devices could be accessing data from anywhere. We work with you to ensure you have appropriate visibility and control over the devices accessing your environment and are only allowing secure endpoints to access your data and applications.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Easy to understand

We cut through jargon and simply ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your devices secure. We work with proven technologies that deliver to save you from navigating the noise to find out what’s best for you across the thousands of endpoint tools available.

Knowledge of the threat landscape

Ransomware can spread rapidly once a single endpoint has been infected. We understand the threat landscape and organisations’ need for advanced endpoint protection. We empower you to detect ransomware should it slip through your defences so you can quickly isolate and contain it, stopping it from spreading to other devices. 

24/7 threat detection

We recognise there is no such thing as 100% security. We have an experienced 24/7 operations centre using the latest threat intelligence who will monitor your endpoints for threats and keep your devices continuously patched against vulnerabilities. If we spot anything abnormal, we leverage automation and our team’s expertise to immediately respond.