Zero Trust

Embrace remote working with Zero Trust

Remote working transformation

The corporate security perimeter has dramatically changed. If your organisation has recently embraced more remote working, a Zero Trust approach could help keep your data secure, no matter where your employees are.

Zero Trust is a risk reduction strategy where users’ behaviours are tracked to flag anytime they try to access data outside their authorised areas or behave abnormally. Organisations that have implemented Zero Trust always assume breach and verify requests even from users inside their own network.

If you’re considering adopting a Zero Trust strategy but don’t know where to start, Secon can help. Our team of experts can recommend what changes need to be made to your current security environment and what Zero Trust solutions can help you achieve your goals. With Secon, you can realise complete visibility and control of your employees’ access to enable secure remote working and improved data protection.

Why Secon

Benefits of working with us

Remote working transformation

Bespoke implementation plans

We take the time to understand your organisation and how you’re currently protecting your data and remote workforce. This way we can provide you with detailed, unique recommendations of how to implement Zero Trust.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Extensive experience

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations transform their security over the last 22 years. We have the proven techniques, tooling, processes, and procedures required to implement Zero Trust across your organisation.

Cloud Security Transformation consultants

Save time and money

We work with proven technologies to save you navigating the noise to find out what’s best for you across the hundreds of Zero Trust solutions on the market.

24/7 threat detection

Our team can provide ongoing 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure your data remains protected across your entire organisation as it evolves and grows.